The Eclipse Magnum - Limited Edition



Meet the Magnum. Tall, sweet & lavish. No… you’re not dreaming.  

The Eclipse: Tequila, Cucumber, Elderflower & Mint. 

1.5L: 15 serves 

15% ABV

With a magnum tripling the size of our standard bottle, that’s a whole lot of margarita. Three times the fun for even less effort, not to mention your guest's reaction when you land that number on the table!  

We hear you, it’s the season of picnics and BBQ’s but one bottle is never enough. We know and we’re sorry, it’s not our fault the drink is so moorish. Lucky for you, we're all about solutions, not problems. So, we thought we'd save you the disappointment with our Magnum of Margarita. 

These are limited edition, so once they're gone, they're gone.

More margaritas, more memories.

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