Premium Tequila Cocktails

At Pimentae we aim to expand & liberate the way you enjoy tequila. Our cocktails are expertly crafted using award-winning tequila and ethically sourced ingredients to ensure bar quality taste with every serve. Simply pour over ice and garnish! 

A Classic Spirit With A New Story

Pimentae ignites the spirit of Mexico with our Premium tequila cocktails crafted for memorable moments. A story told through art and taste. We believe it's about the journey and ambience our cocktails conjure.

Rediscover Your Love For Tequila

We're here to redefine the way you drink tequila. Who says it needs to be a split second embrace? We want this to be an experience you'll remember.

We currently have two amazing cocktails to chose from. If you like a bit of spice then our Tommy's Chilli Margarita is for you, the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Whereas The Eclipse balances the freshest flavours for a more delicate cocktail.


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