Premium Tequila Cocktails

At Pimentae we aim to expand & liberate the way you enjoy tequila. Our cocktails are expertly crafted using award-winning tequila and ethically sourced ingredients to ensure bar quality taste with every serve. Simply pour over ice and garnish! 

A Classic Spirit With A New Story

Pimentae ignites the spirit of Mexico with our premium tequila cocktails crafted for memorable moments. A story told through art and taste.

Rediscover Your Love For Tequila

We're here to liberate the way you enjoy tequila. Its not a a split second embrace, but rather something that should be sipped and savoured.

Our Tommy's Chilli Margarita is a fiery twist on the Classic Margarita, the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. The Eclipse balances fresher flavour notes such as cucumber and elderflower to create a delicate cocktail.


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