Giving a Classic Spirit A New Story

Pimentae is your personal bartender packaged in a premium bottle. Our cocktails use quality ingredients and award-winning tequila so you can enjoy a perfect serve every time, without the hassle.

Rediscover Your Love For Tequila

We're here to redefine the way you drink tequila. Who says it needs to be a split second embrace? We want this to be an experience you'll remember with our delicate balance of cucumber, mint, elderflower and tequila.

TLC... Tequila, Lime, Chilli

Mexican roots and exotic heritage lie at the heart of Pimentae. Wrapped in bespoke artwork, designed by artist Kit Lintin, our brand seeks to re-imagine the 'classic' TLC (Tequila, Lime, Chilli) whilst breaking new ground with contemporary style & ultimate class. Our story is told through fine art and taste as we believe it's about the journey and ambience our bottled cocktails conjure. So we ask you to unravel your roots and reignite forgotten origins.

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