Meet Wynter & Alice

Two girls from London who have shared a love, hate and 'why did we do that?' relationship with Tequila for years. We decided to wave goodbye to the traditional 'split second embrace' we once treasured and set out on a quest to showcase the true magic that Tequila has to offer.

Mexico, home of the agave plant, now Pimentae's humbled roots, is the epicentre of our story. Mexico revealed the perfect balance between beauty and nature, opening our eyes to bewitching landscapes, unmatched culture, tantalising cuisine & mystical art that had to be shared with the world. We needed to bottle that magic.

Our mission?

We want you to rewrite your tequila story. We're here to shift percpetions of tequilas 'split second embrace' reputation and showcase the magic it has to offer when balanced correctly. We aren't recreating classic cocktails, we're disrupting the market with first-of-a-kind creations.

Our gift to you?

Pimentae. A portal into new, exotic realms so you can rediscover your love for tequila through art, taste and forgotten origins.

Sourced from the exotic depths of Jalisco, we believe Pimentae has the power to bring that sensory recollection to life, one sip at a time & from the comfort of your own home. Too good to be thrown away, we designed the bottle exclusively to encourage upcycling, as a brand committed to being 100% sustainable.

The Artist

Our bottles are wrapped in bespoke designs by artist Kit Lintin. Kit is an oil painter based in London who creates bold and dynamic oil paintings that merge reality with abstraction.

Inspired by surrealism, each piece she creates binds layers of contrasting narratives and vibrant imagery together, forming dreamlike fantasy worlds. The more you look the more is revealed.

Her process begins by assembling a collage, playing with the scale and composition of her subject matter to produce a visual that is full of colour and harmonious shapes. She then produces an oil painting that is inspired by this collage, bringing new fluidity and energy into the final outcome.

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