Being based in London, we have become far too familiar with the dismissive reactions at the mention of tequila. The shot-fuelled culture in the UK has led to too many nights people would rather forget. Enough was enough, so we set out to showcase the magic tequila has to offer when balanced correctly. Our aim? To liberate the way people enjoy tequila!

We’re crafting bar quality cocktails to offer allure and adventure, whilst celebrating the beauty and complexity of tequila . Wrapped in bespoke artwork, our bottles tell the story of our brand, its Mexican heritage and the ingredients. 

We strive to build a brand around experience, sustainability and community. Our events help us to bring this to life and allow you to immerse yourself in an exotic oasis whilst sipping on our cocktails.


Mexico is the magical place that inspired us to launch Pimentae. A country full of spirit, beauty and tradition, home to the agave plant. We were lucky enough to learn first hand about the heritage and craft behind tequila. Our cocktails are crafted to celebrate and enjoy this beautifully complex spirit and we focus on sourcing ingredients that ensure quality of taste in every serve. 

We are proud partners of  El Tequileño, one of Mexico’s best kept secrets! It’s a brand with amazing heritage and tradition behind the liquid. It has been family fun for over 60 years, produced in La Guarreña distillery in the old town of tequila and is still produced the same way it was since it was founded in 1959. It is a tequila that was made to honour the people and is one still highly regarded by the local community. El Tequileño is one of only 8 brands that is exclusively produced at their own distillery. As a brand they are dedicated to craft and quality whilst ensuring all their production is eco-friendly.


Our bottles are wrapped in bespoke designs by artist Kit Lintin. Kit is an oil painter based in London who creates bold and dynamic oil paintings that merge reality with abstraction.

Inspired by surrealism, each piece she creates binds layers of contrasting narratives and vibrant imagery together, forming dreamlike fantasy worlds. The more you look the more is revealed.

Her process begins by assembling a collage, playing with the scale and composition of her subject matter to produce a visual that is full of colour and harmonious shapes. She then produces an oil painting that is inspired by this collage, bringing new fluidity and energy into the final outcome.


To us, sustainability is a core part of being a successful brand and we strive to act in an ethical, transparent and responsible way, with the aim to become B-Corp certified by 2024.

  • 100% plastic free, recyclable bottle & packaging.
  • A bottle designed to be upcycled through content that inspires new stories. Drink responsibly, reuse creatively.
  • All natural, vegan products made in the UK.
  • 1% of monthly revenue donated to S.A.C.R.E.D. A not-for-profit corporation that helps improve the lives and environment in the rural Mexican communities where heritage agave spirits are made.